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Built by:John Laird
Yard No.:
Length:194' 5"
Breadth:28' 7"
Depth:16' 5"
Machinery:Built by George Forrester & Co, and Fawcett, Preston, & Co, Liverpool. 200 housepower. 9.5 knots.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Steamship
Registered:19th April 1853 in London.
1860 in Liverpool.
Official No.:4656
Other info:
History:24th April 1853. Maiden voyage to Africa, Captain W. H. Bowen. She took out eleven passengers, and a full general cargo, besides a large quantity of specie.
11th September 1853. Sailed from Fernando Po. Captain Bowers.
14th September 1853. Sailed from Lagos.
16th September 1853. Sailed from Accera.
17th September 1853. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
22nd September 1853. Sailed from Monrovia.
27th September 1853. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
1st October 1853. Sailed from Bathurst.
1st October 1853. Arrived and Sailed from Goree.
8th October 1853. Sailed from Tenerife.
11th October 1853. Sailed from Madeira.
13th October 1853. Abreast of Gibraltar had an accident to her air pumps.
23rd October 1853. Arrived at Portsmouth having been unable to make Plymouth on account of the heavy gales and thick weather being under sail alone. Lieutenant Peirs, the Admiralty agent in charge of the mails, died on the passage home.
18th December 1853. Arrived at Sierra Leone.
1st January 1854. Sailed from Bonny.
2nd January 1854. Sailed from Old Calabar.
5th January 1854. Sailed from Fernando Po.
6th January 1854. Sailed from Cameroons.
11th January 1854. Sailed from Lagos.
13th January 1854. Sailed from Accra.
15th January 1854. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
18th January 1854. Sailed from Monrovia.
23rd January 1854. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
26th January 1854. Sailed from Bathurst.
27th January 1854. Sailed from Goree.
1st February 1854. Sailed from Teneriffe.
3rd February 1854. Sailed from Madeira.
12th February 1854. Arrived at Plymouth, Commander W. H. Bowen with a full cargo of palm oil, camwood, beeswax, gum, cochineal, and golddust.
15th February 1854. Had a serious collision at Lower Hope, River Thames, with the ‘Glenburn’, which later was run aground, but no serious damage to the ‘Hope’.
1854. Chartered to the British Government.
1857. Has been fitted with a lifting screw, and increased accommodation provided for cargo, so as to adapt her for the direct carrying trade in palm oil and bulky goods, with the mail steamers cannot carry between Liverpool and Bonny.
1857. The ‘Calabar’ had been totally wrecked. Cargo nearly all saved by the ‘Hope’.
6th February 1858. Sailed from Lagos.
23rd March 1858. Arrived at Queenstown from the Coast of Africa, sailed that night for Liverpool.
1860. Sold to Portuguese African Co. Liverpool. Registered to W. M. Moss, Liverpool.

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